Loló Rodriguez

Loló Rodriguez is a Chilean artist who has developed her career mostly in Buenos Aires, Argentina. Graphic designer by profession, for 10 years she has been dedicated to the Visual Arts.
In Chile she was student of the national art prize, Eugenio Dittborn, and Juan Ibarra. In Buenos Aires she follows the chairs and critical sessions of Alejandra Roux, Fabiana Barreda and Sergio Bazán.
Her works have been presented in Santiago, Buenos Aires, Miami, New York and Basel among others. She was invited by the Senate of the Argentine Republic to paint live in commemoration of International Women’s Day this past year. Her last solo show was held in Buenos Aires last December.
This year she’s been collaborating with Manuela Ovalle, Chilean Artist, in selected projects showcased in the US and Switzerland, when two of their last installations, became part of the private collection of Cecilia Medina and Adrienne Grafin von Korff. Also she is been training to develop a Coach career.
She is co-founder and current member of the Argentinian, Sudaca collective.

Pop culture, grunge music, hip-hop and Street Art influence Lolo ́s work.
Her painting is expressive and evidences a joy for the materiality of the elements and colors she uses, as a graphic designer, she’s always incorporating graphics, as an abstract gesture, into the climatic art field. Creator of a wide catalog of characters, uses children’s iconography to talk about a current moment, to make irony about the conservative and oppressive society where she grew up.